Dennis Ingrao

Just another woodworker?  I hope not. My work with wood began over 30 years ago. From exploring the potential of burls and knots to satisfy my own curiosity to becoming a licensed contractor and running a custom cabinet shop, I've experimented with and crafted countless artifacts. Wood is fascinating. The qualities it possesses draw on my imagination and inspire my creativity unlike any other material. I've yet to feel I know everything when it comes to working with wood; the challenges are endless and the rewards are great. Working with wood is one of my loves. Taking a piece of raw lumber, envisioning its potential, creating its design, and polishing off a finished piece is truly a passion for me.

I hope my work stirs your imagination and delights your senses. If you would like to purchase one of my completed projects or wish to have an idea of yours transformed into a unique creation, please contact me. I love talking about my work and the possibilities of what can be done with a piece of wood. Thanks for visiting my site!

What's different about your projects Dennis?

Looking at my finished pieces, you will notice that the materials are unique. The lumber I use is exotic, sourced from around the globe, and unlike anything you are likely to be familiar with or find in a store. The detail I put into my work is, at times, exhausting; however, I cannot show a piece unless I am truly satisfied with it. The spaces that no one will see are perfected in the same manner as the areas that are meant to be admired. Those that don’t meet my personal standards are chalked up as learning experiences and thrown out. My work must invite people to explore the surfaces with their hands and eyes, to feel the life of the wood, and highlight its natural potential.

Custom woodworking is a specialty of Ingrao Fine Woodworking. Contact Dennis Ingrao for more information on how to bring your beautiful ideas to life. The handcrafted nature of Dennis's work is sure to capture your heart and create lasting memories in your home. 

Please feel free to complete the form to the right or contact Dennis directly through email. If you see something you like, have a certain wood in mind, or a design that you desire, email Ingrao Fine Woodworking to discuss your options. 

Ingrao Fine Woodworking looks forward to working with you.


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